Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13 - Challenge Update

My personal 10 in 10 project challenge is over. This time I met my goals. I got the ten projects finished. Some of the projects were from my UFO projects list & some were new projects for customers.

Here's the final tally (I'll have to add some pictures later):

1-4. Four Piece Boy's Outfit: Wool jacket, cotton corduroy vest, wool trousers & cotton plaid shirt

5. Girl's Short Sleeved Cotton Dress (buttons & buttonholes)

6. Girl's Long Sleeved Cotton Dress (attached skirt, buttons, & buttonholes)

7. Boy's Collarless Cotton Vest (back, straps, buttons, & buttonholes)

Photo Coming Soon

8.  Boy's Collarless Cotton Vest (back, straps, buttons, & buttonholes)

Photo Coming Soon

9.  Boy's Collarless Cotton  Vest (back, straps, buttons, & buttonholes)

Photo Coming Soon

10. Boy's Collarless Cotton Corduroy Vest (back, straps, buttons, & buttonholes)

Photo Coming Soon

By completing this challenge, I've finished 6 more items off my UFO Civil War Projects 2016 list.

This is what it looked like in February.

AND Now....

Boys' Clothing
1 Trousers
2 Shirts
8 Shawl Collared Vests
7 11 Collarless Vests
10 Outfits (2 or more pieces)
1 Paletot

Girls' Clothing
1 5 Dresses
2 Bodices
2 Skirts
1 4 Canton Flannel Petticoats

Women's Clothing
1 Cotton Dress
2 Ballgowns
1 Silk Convertible Dress
3 Wrappers
1  2 Skirt
3 Vests
1 Waist
2 Jackets
1 Paletot
2 Chemises
1 Corset
3 Bags

Men's Clothing
1 Flannel Undershirt

Total Items on the List: 67

If I counted correctly, I'm down to 52 projects.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

June 9 - Challenge Update

I've got 24 hours left. So far I've completed: the four pieces for the boy's outfit for a customer, two girl's dresses and 4 boy's vests. That's ten. Wow! I still have sometime tomorrow to see what else I can get done. I'll post pictures of all of the finished items over the weekend. 

Have a great night everyone!

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6 - Ten in Ten Challenge Update

Just a quick update on my ten in ten days challenge. 

As of this evening, I have finished:

1) a pair of boy's trousers 
2) a boy's shirt
3) a boy's sack coat
4) a girl's dress

Today's project was to redraft a boy's shawl collar vest. I finished the redraft and got the vest cut out and prepped for tomorrow. Tomorrow we will see if I remember how to put it together. It's been awhile. I also got backs cut out for three other vests that are on my UFO list. I'm hoping to finish those by Friday. 

So that's where I'm at right now. If all goes well I'll be adding the vest to the finished list late tomorrow. 

Pictures of the boy's outfit will come after the customer receives it. The picture I posted is the dress I finished today. It just needed buttons & buttonholes.


Have a great day! 

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

June 1 - A New Sewing Challenge

Back in March, I challenged myself to finish 31 items by the end of that month. When I think back on it, I'm surprised I finished the number items I did. We had a lot going on in March and April. 

So this month, I've decided to challenge myself again. This time I'm going to try and get 10 items done in 10 days (June 1-10). I'm not reatricting this challenge to only my UFO projects list like I did for my March challenge. My only restriction on this will be that they must be projects for Civil War reenacting (sewn, crocheted or knitted). They can be a "start to finish" project, like the outfit I started today (a four piece boys outfit) or something that's on the UFO project list. 

I'll try posting progress updates everyday. 

Have a great day everyone!