Monday, October 27, 2008

So much for regular updates....

It's almost Halloween! My daughter is so excited. She has had her costume for at least a month. She is going as Tess Tyler (from Camp Rock). We bought the costume at Target then had to go looking for a wig (not as hard as we thought it would be). She's all set. I'm sure, since they are off of school here on Thursday and Friday, she'll be in the costume as soon as she gets up.

Let's see where did I leave off with my last post.....

September 14 - We took the horses over to Schuster's Playtime Farm for the Morgan Horse Field Day. It was cold and rainy most of the day. Peter and I were the only ones who saddled up our horses and rode. Despite the weather, we had a really good time (and so did the boys - the horses).

Chickamauga, GA - Civil War Reenactment - Sept 19-21, 2008: Not one of the best events for the mercantile but quite an adventure to get there. I left Tuesday evening for Illionis. Spent the night with some friends and started our drive to Georgia from their house on Wednesday morning. Just south of Benton, IL we lost one of the wheels on the trailer. By lost I mean sheared off the axel. We ended up spending 2-2.5 hours waiting for the tow truck, finding a u-haul rental, unloading the one trailer and loading the Uhaul. Got into the hotel around 11pm est. We got up on Thursday and met for breakfast, went over how we would go about setting up. However, when we got to the site they initially weren't going to let us come in and set up because the school groups were there. They were concerned with vehicle traffic and safety. We were let in to set up within a half hour, they decided since we were on the very end we'd be fine. We got everything set up with no real problems.

My husband called in the evening to have me come down to the Union camps to pick up our daughter. We took her out of school to attend the event. This was one of those events where I was a klutz around ever turn. The worst was my big trip and fall down in Union camp when I went to pick up my daughter. I had bruises and scrapes running down my entire right side (or at least it felt that way). And of course, there had to be an audience. I couldn't kneel on my right knee until about a week and a half ago. Oh well.

We all enjoyed the Confederate troops coming in by train. What we didn't enjoy was how bad our sales were. This was the first event I've been to where the VP of the United States was. Unfortunately, I didn't go over to see his speech. Overall, the event itself was pretty good. We got to see my sister and her husband. Okay, enough on Chickamauga. (Oh, my husband had tire issues on his way home, so we weren't the only ones!)

The rest of September was pretty quiet.

Tomorrow!!! I promise!! I will update you on October and some other stuff! (maybe one of the poems I wrote back in college - don't get too excited I only wrote three back then!) Then again, maybe not tomorrow.