Tuesday, November 16, 2010


October as with any other month was kind of busy. As always I was busy sewing and knitting. I can't even remember what I finished sewing but thanks to Ravelry I do know what I finished knitting.
Green Sweater for myself (Brown Sheep Co, Inc. Lambs Pride Superwash in Cactus Pattern #994 from Knittin Pure & Simple) I made it longer in the sleeves and the body which turned out to be almost too long.

Also, finished a pair of socks, one of the two Criminal Minds Mystery Kerchiefs (still needs to be blocked) and a hat for myself (Eliots Ass-Kicking Hat by Megan Ellinger).  The hat turned out a bit big next time I will make it on size 1 needles. 

I've also been busy knitting some hats for charity.  I'll post pictures of them later. 

I also rediscovered the musical Jesus Christ Superstar (my all-time favorite musical), thanks to the Youth Minister for grades 7-12 at my church.  I don't know how Glenn Carter can hit some of those notes.  (this is my favorite version of JCS).  Glenn Carter is spectacular (as are Jerome Pradon, Renee Castle, & the rest of the cast).  However, I don't care for the soundtrack.  It's not complete. One of my favorites isn't on it, Blood Money.  It is on the 1996 recording (also with Glenn Carter but as Simon instead of Jesus). 

October also found me traveling with the mercantile, P. Palmer Drygoods, to Cedar Creek, VA.  I drove down to Fort Wayne to meet up with Kay, Marta & Major.  We did see the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen on the drive down to Cedar Creek.  Kay & Marta then continued down to Westville, GA after the Cedar Creek event. 

This year I did not make my daughter's Halloween costume (not enough time).  She went as a Gothic vampire.  A friend of her's came down and the two went trick or treating with their dads.  Both of them dressed in their  reenacting clothes (one Union cavalry trooper & one Confederate).  They all seemed to have a good time. 

I think that is about all for October.  If I think of anything else that happened that was interesting I will post it later.