Sunday, July 1, 2007

Busy, Busy, Busy!!!

Let's see....

I came home from IN on Father's Day to an empty house. My husband and daughter went up to the WI Dells, Mt. Olympus to be exact. They had fun but said it was kind of disappointing. I gave my husband his Father's Day card and some polar fleece fabric. I know it sounds like a strange gift but he likes to ride his horse in the pullovers I make for him.

The week of June 18th was somewhat busy. My husband took the week off and painted our bedroom. It looks good. We went with a light sage green. Wednesday we went up to Noah's Ark in the Dells. She was finally tall enough to ride all the rides. This was her first trip. She had a great time. Her favorite is the Black Anaconda. She was just tall enough, you have to be 48" tall to ride it.

Friday we took our daughter to her friend house and then took the boys (our horses) over to Governor Dodge State Park. It's a really nice place to go riding. We rode the same loop as last time. The boys really enjoyed getting out and going some place different. After we rode, we put my sidesaddle on Mark and I put on my riding habit and took some pictures. We got a couple of really nice pictures.

Saturday we went down to Wauconda, IL for the battlefield inspection & drill. Peter wore his uniform and I dressed as a male civilian. This was the first drill Mark (my horse) has been to in several years. We weren't sure what to expect. The first cap my husband fired off Mark just shook a little. A little later we were standing there when the dismounted guys fired a volley. Mark did a quick quarter spin to the right. Other than that he just paced. This was a HUGE improvement over two years ago.

Our daughter started summer school on Monday and I started going back to the gym after two weeks off. She's really enjoying her reading class.

Tuesday I started working with a friend's horse. She's a 12 year old Morgan mare named "Mystery". That's not her registered name. I can't remember that right now. She hasn't been ridden in 8 years. She was a little strong leading but otherwise the rest of the evening went pretty well.

Rode Mark on Wednesday Morning, what a brat. He just didn't want to listen. Went home and did some sewing and cleaning. My mother in law was coming on Friday (or so I thought!) Went back to the barn that evening and rode Mark again. He did okay in the outdoor arena (he even let me open the gate and close it again from the saddle). Then we went out into the pasture! He did okay at first then....a GIANT spooking incident. I still don't know what he spooked from but he almost dumped me.

Thursday, I took my daughter to school then went to the gym to work out. I ended up jumping into the class instead. Boy was that a workout. Picked up my daughter and went home to sew. Went out to Deb's in the evening to work with Mystery. We caught Mystery and I led her up to the outdoor arena. She led great. Deb had set up a few obstacles in the outdoor. I walked her over the blue carpet, no problem. I took her over to the cones with the gray tarp between them a little bit of a problem. We'll work on this. We did find out she knows how to jump. We finally put my western saddle on her. She did great. I got on her and Deb led me around. No problems. However, later we did find out that she doesn't like the clippers, measuring stick and watermelon. Overall, she did really well.

When I got home my mother in law was there. So much for getting cleaning done before she arrived.

Friday we took the horses down to Barrington Hills, IL for a Civil War living history event. We stayed up until about 1 am. I slept in the horse trailer. I didn't get to sleep until about 2:40 when I curled up into our blue comforter. Saturday was the actual event. We had the 104th IL and Taylor's battery there with the 8th. Mark did really well again with the gun fire.

We got back to the barn about 8:30 or so. Put the boys in there stalls and met up with Peter's mom and sister who had taken our daughter to see the Rhythm and Booms fireworks. Okay, they didn't take her into Madison to watch them. They found a high spot just outside of Oregon to watch them. What we could see was really cool!