Saturday, March 19, 2016

Challenge Progress Update - 3/19/2016

Well, the first two weeks of the challenge were spent working on corsets for customers. I finally got started on projects for the challenge on March 15th, I've made a small dent in my projects. Unfortunately, I haven't photographed the finished projects yet. 

These are the projects that are completely finished as of today. The black riding habit skirt, rainwear paletot & the purple/black/pink plaid girl's wool skirt. 

I've also made progress on two of the girls dresses. Those just need buttons and buttonhole, as do the white & pink girl's bodices. 

Since I'm running my weeks from 12:00am Mondays to 11:59pm Sundays, I still have time to get stuff done yet this weekend. Right now, I've got three girl's dress bodices I'm working on today.