Saturday, April 13, 2013

Busy, Busy, Busy - Lots of Sewing & Knitting.

It's been a very busy year so far. Lots of sewing & knitting/crocheting for customers. I've had very little time to get sewing / knitting done for me and my family. What is it they say about the cobblers family never having any shoes.  I think that may ring true for me and mine this year, except that it will be clothing for civil war reenactments.

So far this year I've worked on costumes for the Madrigals at my daughter's school.

I've been working on the normal sewing projects, corsets, lots of corsets. I've also been working on a few women's ensembles. This one is a trimmed wool jacket, white body and silk vest (with antique glass buttons.

Currently, I'm working on girls' dresses, which will be available in the mercantile (Originals by Kay) in a couple of weeks.

I've also been doing quite a bit of knitting when I'm not sewing, you can find out what kind of things I've been working on at my KnittingAside blog.

Eventually, I will move my sewing stuff over to the SewingAside blog (which still doesn't have any content on it) but in the meantime, the sewing stuff and other stuff will stay here.

Now, I'm off to update the KnittingAside blog, then off to work on the girls' dresses. Have a great day everyone!