Tuesday, March 23, 2010

March 20th - Fort Wayne, IN Civil War Ball

First let me say I had a great time, even though I didn't dance. It was great to see my friends, some of whom I haven't seen since last Civil War season, some I hadn't seen since the Midwest Civil War Civilians Conference in January & the few I've seen more recently. Thank you to Sue for making this event so enjoyable.

The Fort Wayne Ball is the first Civil War Ball I've been to that does a ball the right way. Dance set, food, dance set, more food, etc. I wish more did them right. Most events have "balls" which I wouldn't consider a ball. I'm sorry but I refuse to wear my good silk dresses to those sorts of "balls", most of which are outside. Enough of that. As I said the Fort Wayne ball is definitely worth going to.

Add to the to do list.....

New ballgown for next years ball!

Later everyone!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pit Bulls! I love mine!

Okay, this is ridiculous. City of Elgin, IL to vote on banning Pit Bulls.

I am a Pit Bull owner, I'm tired of city officials thinking that the only way to deal with them is to ban them. Human beings made them what they are. We (humans) bred them & trained them to be dogfighters and what not. Most of the time good dogs. Occasionally & I stress occassionally they are not. I'm tired of the media making them out to be bad dogs, what really sucks is when the media tells you it was a pit bull and later turns out that it wasn't & they don't retract what they say.

Through my life I have owned several different breeds of dogs. My pit bull has been the best dog I've ever owned, she's well-behaved, rarely ever barks or whines, loves to give kisses & sit in your lap. She even lets my daughter use her as a pillow.

Just like any dog (and I mean any dog!) They can bite. I know plenty of people who would agree that they really don't like the little yippee dogs (you know the ones, the owners think they are oh so cute when the misbehave, because they don't bother to train them).

I don't care what type of dog you own, you have to be a responisble owner.

  1. Get them spayed or neutered.
  2. Get them trained. (There are loads of qualified people out there that can help you. Our local humane society has a Pit Bull specific class.)
  3. Always know where they are. (Just like children they can figure out how to sneak out.)

  4. Always supervise them when they are with friends and family.

  5. If you have other dogs or are planning on bringing in another. Talk to a professional animal behaviorist first.

  6. Beware of where you get your dog. (My dog came from the local humane society who does extensive behavior testing before letting any dog out for adoption and then rates them as to what type of home they can go to. i.e. no children, children over - insert age here, no cats, no other dogs, etc. So that people have some idea what they are in for.)

Please don't judge this breed because of the few that aren't breed ambassadors. Breed specific legislation doesn't work. The people who want these animals for the wrong reasons will ALWAYS find a way to own them!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


For the second time in a week I got to spend time with a friend of mine at the barn. Last Friday, she came by and got to ride in my sidesaddle. Today she came by with her husband (who I finally got to meet!) Mark (my horse) behaved really well for Jenny again (he even let her canter him sidesaddle.) Jenny did a great job riding sidesaddle, especially considering my saddle is a bit big for her and the stirrup was too long.

Now, it's time to get back to all the sewing I have to get done.

Later everyone!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Had a great weekend with friends. Did some planning for the 2010 reenacting season. More to come.....

Great game USA! Silver in Men's Ice Hockey!