Wednesday, September 16, 2015

September 16, 2015 - Sewing UFOs update.

Here's an update on my crafting "diet".  This doesn't include special order items I've made for customers. 

You might remember this list that I included in my post back in January. I've actually gotten quite a bit of it done. New quantities are in red.

Boys Clothing
1 8 pairs of pants
5 ensembles (vest/pant, vest/pants/jacket, tunic/pants, etc)
5 shirts (three shirt on the square, two pleated front)
12 collarless vests
8 shawl collar vests
more suspenders

Women's Clothing

2 chemises
1 red corset (mine)
1 rain paletot (DD)
1 riding habit skirt
2 skirts
1 velveteen jacket
3 vests
2 "purses"

Men's Clothing

1 flannel under shirt
1 wool overshirt (this one's not cut out, but needs to be done)
1 men's drawers (customer's)

Girls Clothing

1 cotton body
5 cotton dresses
1 silk suiting ensemble
1  3 skirts (DD)
1 canton flannel petticoat

More pictures of boys' clothing I finished.