Saturday, February 6, 2016

2016 Civil War UFO Sewing Project List - Feb 6, 2016

Well, here it is, The List.  Just a reminder, the items on this list are ones I have already cut out or are ones I need to get done. These are projects I have in various stages of completion. Some are only cut out and others only need a few little things done and they will be completed. I know, why didn't I just finish them when I was originally working on them. To be honest, I have no idea anymore why they got put aside and never finished. Hopefully, this year will be the year they get finished.

Boys' Clothing
1 Trousers
2 Shirts
8 Shawl Collared Vests
11 Collarless Vests
10 Outfits (2 or more pieces)
1 Paletot

Girls' Clothing
5 Dresses
2 Bodices
2 Skirts
4 Canton Flannel Petticoats

Women's Clothing
1 Cotton Dress
2 Ballgowns
1 Silk Convertible Dress
3 Wrappers
2 Skirts
3 Vests
1 Waist
2 Jackets
1 Paletot
2 Chemises
1 Corset
3 Bags

Men's Clothing
1 Flannel Undershirt

Total Items on the List: 67
Total Items on the 2015 list: 65

Last year, my hope was to get everything off my list. I failed. This year, I'm going to have to do better. So, I'm thinking a challenge similar to what a friend is doing is in the near future. She's challenged herself to make 30 quilt tops in 30 days and she is doing awesome.  Unfortunately, it doesn't look like she's updated her blog yet. Hint..Hint..CH. Hint..Hint.. In the next week or so, I'm going to take a look at what is on my list and go from there.  I'll post more as I figure it out.

In the meantime....

Have a great day everyone!

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